Explore the most common frequently asked questions (and answers) about the game of poker.

How are poker chips made?

Whether you’re splurging for high-end chips or want something inexpensive for your Friday night game, learn about how plastic, composite, ceramic, and metal poker chips are made: Behind the Scenes: How Poker Chips are Meticulously Made

Is poker a sport?

The definition of a sport can vary across different organizations, but there are typically some common criteria needed to classify as a sport. Poker meets almost all of them: Examining the Sport Status of Poker Beyond the Cards.

When to bet in poker?

Understanding when to bet in poker is a strategic and skillful art that can significantly influence the outcome of the game. Find out more here: The Art of Knowing When to Bet in Poker.

What poker hand wins?

Find out exactly what poker hand wins with our comprehensive poker hand rankings chart. And learn some valuable tips for bluffing and betting along the way: Dominate with Poker Hand Rankings.

How many poker chips do you start with?

It depends on the game and the level of play. Also, poker chips have different denominations and colors that affect play. Read more here: Figuring Out the Perfect Number of Starting Poker Chips.

Who invented poker?

Poker wasn’t invented by one person but instead was influenced by various card games across different civilizations and cultures. It’s quite fascinating. Find out more in our article: A Journey Through the History of Poker.

Is poker gambling?

One of the key questions often asked about poker is whether it’s considered gambling. The answer is both “yes” and “no.” Find out why in our article: Is Poker Really Just Another Gambling Game?

When to bluff in poker?

The skill of bluffing is a crucial element that often decides the outcome of the game. When is the best time to bluff? Find out in our article: The Psychology of Deception: When to Bluff in Poker.